Testimonials and some of our clients

"It is one of the most remarkable endeavorsI have seen in this field, anywhere in the world. In a simple profound way, TheDEPOT enables people to learn wonderfully. It has such great potential to offerwhat the world needs.”

Rolf Fink- a world-renowned management expert


"If you want to take teamwork seriouslyat every level, The DEPOT is the programme you want to go through.”

    AdanMohamed, MD, Barclays Bank of Kenya

"From The DEPOT, we have learnt  unification and mutual understanding amongstall cadres of staff without boundary of seniority, gender or profession. Thisleads to alignment of each others’ energy to make synergy for the purpose ofmaking a success the biggest elephant translocation ever realized on earth."

Dr.Julius Kip’Ngetich, Director, Kenya Wildlife Service


"The DEPOT enabled our sales andtechnical teams to resolve their differences and work as a team. We thank youguys at The DEPOT for a job well done." 

Gladys Ogallo, Human Resources & AdministrationManager, UUNET


 “…..through The DEPOT experiential programme, ourobjectives as a company were all met through having fun and what we achievedincluded; discovering new insights into doing things, improved team spirit,better synergies and trust was built within the team.”

Mike Wekesa,MD Acacia Consultants


"This programme will help our team to performbetter. The benefits will be passed on to our students." 

- J. Kamatei,Headmaster, Maji Mazuri High School, Eldama Ravine

“Nothing like adose of The DEPOT to bring about clarity of mind, new energy and re-commitmentto purpose and action.”

Salome Gitoho, Strategic Planning and DevelopmentManager(past), Nairobi Hospital

“If you haveimagined obstacles in your life, career or the way you do your work. AProgramme at The DEPOT will change your perception on all that.”

Robert Gicheru, Nairobi Hospital

“We gave the teama brief on what the objectives were and we are delighted to say that ourexpectations were met and exceeded. The teambuilding exercises were of good qualityand informative.”

A. Christopher M. Low, Standard Chartered Bank Area GM East Africa and CEO Kenya

“We had an excellentexperience with your teambuilding team in Nyeri. They were very professionaland worked well together. The teambuilding exercises married well with ourstrategic workshop and allowed for better appreciation of the objectives of theday.”

Betty Kukubo, Director, 3MICE Interactive Media

“At The DEPOT,I’ve learnt to let go and allow others to the pact of success………. Work alongwith others.” Liz Ochieng

 “I am a nurse and before this programme Ihated it and was almost changing my career, I didn’t like my department and theshifts we do. I was always complaining. After this programme,I have noted how important I am to the hospital and no one else can do what Ido because we are all different. I now have the energy to continue, my attitudehas changed and now I like my job and will give my best, thanks to thisprogramme.” Susan N. Kamengere, Nairobi Hospital


“I have learnt notto give up in cases of failure instead I am encouraged to try again and againuntil I achieve. It is never late for me to be what I might have been and Idon’t let the past poison my future.” Conjephter Nyanchama Makori

 “I was mostly inspired by Dan’s story. Truehappiness comes by touching someone’s heart positively.” Emmanuel Chesa

 “At The DEPOT, they are bringing and willcontinue to remind us of the daily activities and behaviors that will help usattain our organizations vision, mission and work though our values.” NancyOchego

 “Thank you. I have more confidence to faceanything at work and in the world after what I have gained from here. May Godbless you and add you more knowledge that you can give to Kenyans.” TeresiaWanjiru Muturi


“As I grew up, I learned that everybody isgood and so I have been appreciating everyone and looking at them as good. Itwas until I was scalded many times for stooping too low to the level of peoplewho are not of my professional level that I found myself in a “torn in betweenstate.” This programme has renewed my virtue of appreciating everyone. Everyoneis indeed good!  CarolOlumula


 “You have changed someone who had fully givenup on my job and you have given me the sense of BEING and BE. When I did good,nobody noticed but when I did bad, everybody came up. That’s the attitude I hadbefore this programme but you’ve given me the sense of BEING and BE. I’ll dogood even when nobody notices.” Beatrice Kanyoro


 “Thanks to The DEPOT, I now know that it’s thelittle things in life that really matter no matter how broad you look at theproblem or how complex you look at the solution. It is the little ideas thatwill matter in getting the solution.” Ouma Ombech


 “It has taken the teambuilding experience forme to realize that life is not about what others can do. It’s about what youyourself can do to bring about change. Look within you and you will besurprised how much potential you’ve got.” Wanjiru Njeru


 “I am a changed parson and I’m not the sameagain. Long live DEPOT, a place of inspiration and transformation.” JacquelineWamweya


 “The DEPOT has touched the core of my heartwhere I thought no one can to actualize my dreams and open the world for thebest. It is within 24 hours that has touched the real gold that is treasured onme. The strongest power to do things lies within myself, all I need is toexercise it and wonders/successes and actualization follows. DEPOT will bewithin me for the rest of my life.” Daniel Ngugi

 “I was extremely disappointed when I joinedthe institution to find there was no togetherness among the staff but I nowrealize that the change in attitude has to start from me. It has changed myoutlook and attitude towards life, work and community as a whole.” SarahNdegwa

 “The DEPOT is an inspiration camp. A placewhere I got to learn that with great determination and positive thinking,everything is possible however how hard it may seem. Everyone should visit TheDEPOT for the experience.” Beatrice Mathenge

"Greetings, Hoping you have began your year 2010 well with promise of soon-to- be fulfilled dreams.

As I begin this New Year, I could not help but reminisce onthe blessings of the past year. Blessings of which I am eternally grateful for.It is for this simple yet important reason that I am writing to say Thank You.A heart felt thank you to The DEPOT team. For the short period we spenttogether was a tome which had a profound impact on my life whereby a manmanaged to engineer the tallest building or a woman broke the set athleticrecords. But profound does not only describe the people whose actions have beencaptured in the Guinness Book of World Records, it also includes people whoseexistence changes lives but go unrecognized but never unfelt. So this is toyou, The DEPOT team; a profound team.

Although initially I had failed to recognize the impact ofyour efforts in the end, I was awed at the results. What are the results youask? I could claim to be a changed person but that is not it. I am stronger,it’s that simple. As Sir Edmund Hillary once said “It is not the mountain weconquer but ourselves.” True, I knew myself before but I understand ME now. Iowe that to all of you from mathee to Twalib, each and every one of you ‘Thankyou’.

 Therefore as the year progresses, I pray it will be a yearof prosperity and adhered to resolutions with satisfactory results. You willdefinitely hear from and of me as I continue to let my light shine far andwide.

 Yours truly

Diana E. Wangari

EA Leadership andCitizenship Programme, Uongozi Bora 5 (2009) past participant"

"MY LESSONS  from: Rajiv Pandit, Oshwal High and participant- (Uongozi Bora 3)  

Life is like a game, which has rules and regulations like any other, game.
You are the man to control it.
But everyone’s life is different from one another, it depends on whether you want to joke or get serious with the game, cheat or be honest in the game.
Life is a straight track with obstacles and hurdles but with the positive attitude you can clear the potholes.
Along the game you find all sorts of friends, those who can help and those who are like pests but it’s for you to identify them.
Be honest loyal and kind to them they’ll make your path smooth, do exactly the opposite to them, they’ll act as landmines.
Who knows what’s there at the finish line for you, but that shouldn’t stop you from constructing a good positive attitude to help you win, because your attitude reflects your image, have a clear cut reflection and you might just inspire someone to follow your steps.
Present yourself to the highest degree of accuracy.
Remember 2 things: - “what you focus on becomes your reality”. Focus on the finish line and you’ll win. It’s like a finger pointing to the moon, but don’t concentrate on the finger or you’ll miss all that heavenly glory.
Lastly, “your first impression is the lasting impression”. So plan your game out well, seek good advice and when you implement your actions try and have no room for errors. Who knows you may lead a team of your own to victory."

Some of our clients


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