Workshops, Retreats and Symposia

….. including celebration / fun days!

We have extensively worked with a broad range oforganizations in facilitating retreats/symposiafor various outcomes. We have been largely involved in facilitating retreatsfor: Board members; The Senior Management Teams (SMT); Board members and SMT; Strategicretreats; and Yearly organizational reviews. 

For groups of up to 400 participants at a time, The DEPOT has run numerous events in many venues, including in Mombasa (North and South Coasts), Lake Naivasha, Lake Baringo, and in Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda.

The objectives of workshops, retreats and symposia may include:

  • To deliberate on strategic issues leading to a series of programmes that would cascade down the organization – including to roll out a new strategic plan

  • To carry out an annual review of policies and programmes

  • To develop from a mere group into a highly energized, high performance team

  • To bring staff together to celebrate great achievements

  • To enable staff from different parts of the organisation to simply bond and have fun together

What are the reasons for having celebration / fun days?

Organisations often wish to bring their staff together for a retreat, or a symposium. These are mostly held away from the office and involve the team in outdoor experiential activities, which create an atmosphere of fun and celebration.

Organisations may wish to celebrate their end of year achievements and reward the team to end/begin the year in high spirits. We tailor-make programmes to suit the schedule of the day, including team rewards for the best team during the symposium/retreat. The DEPOT can and does handle large events for several hundred participants at a time.


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